Pricing Plans

Individual Products


  • 14-Day-Trial Credit price can be credited against a lease or purchase. Contact us for a coupon code to apply at checkout.
  • 14-Day-Trial will automatically expire, if choose to continue and purchase or lease please send us your machine-ID to activate licence. Upto 2 licences as usually clients have a laptop and pc.
  • 14-Day-Trial rolling subscription. If would like to extend your 14 day trial, simply purchase a 2nd 14 day trial, however as above please send re-machine-ID to re-activate and extend the trial.
  • Free 1-1 Training provided upto 2 hours. Additional training can be scheduled with one of the team charged at $100 per hour.
  • Custom Strategy Development charged as additional fee. $50 per hour charged daily based on 8 hour day for projects 2 or 3 days
  • Software maintenance and annual Renewals. The first year is included in the purchase price. An annual renewal fee is required for each product.