Simple Strategy Results Oct ’21

Simple low risk MNQ ATR Strategy results been running and tracked and traded live

An-NT Simple 5m MNQ Strategy Results

A choppy month with some weeks were crazy others a little flat, as you can see on screenshot the results reflect this. However, every week ended in profit, and for a very simple 2 MNQ low risk strategy still topped $2000 return. 4x the subscription price so a decent return on investment. With last month being so good, we could afford some chop and still adding up to +$6000 over 2 months.

The second strategy in screenshot was created by one of the members who took the sample template and accelerated it by adding more contracts. As you can see EXTREMELY profitable with only 1 tough week. $9000 profit in just 1 month, the drawdown is minimal at only -$1000 and the tough week was only 2-$200 which was easily made up the following week. This was due to exiting the trades earlier using ATR based targets to bank profits and allow the remaining contracts to follow the ATR trailing.


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