Simple Strategy Results Sept ’21

Simple low risk MNQ ATR Strategy results been running and tracked and traded live

An-NT Simple 5m MNQ Strategy Results

Results for a very simple ATR strategy using micros across september. Of course this is a simple low risk strategy and can be scaled up as you see fit or settings tweaked to meet your requirements, but gives an idea of hypothetical returns. 

This is using just 2 contracts on MNQ, using the An-NT Algo. It has been running all day every day.

There was one week that wasn’t particularly great, looking at the week there was profit to be made for those semi-automated trader types out there and manage the trade as they come. In grand scheme of things over the month being fully automated wasn’t too bad for nearly $4000 for the month including that unimpressive week, so that’s the yearly licence fee sorted and some.

An-NT Simple Renko Strategy Results

As a comparison to the above, at the time of posting currently todays MES 1 contract simple as strategy  we have an easy overnight session for $200+ and counting. (you do the maths and scale up – x10 if using ES).

Clearly multiple strategies multiple markets even with tiny micro’s starts to add up.


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