New Version 5.0

New version 5 released. New updates and algos. New packages and pricing plans

Hi All,

Its been a while since last posted, alot of work undertaken for the new version, which is finally here! Version 5. So here is a run down of all the new features.

14 Day Trial Period

Now available is a full access 14 day trial for all algo’s and indicators. Included in the demo are couple of templates that are tried and tested. Free trial works across all markets and unrestricted so can be traded live. Find here and download.

What’s New in v5?

A mixture of strategy of improvements and tweaks, new algos new options and enhanced pro versions for discretionary traders which allows a more semi-automated approach. Here are some of the highlights.

  • New Strategies – VWAP and Pivot Strategies.
  • Enhancements – ATR Ninjatrend & Moving Average has new features and options to improve strategy. Bar breakout confirmation, new entry and exit rules.
  • Equity Curve and Money Management – Add daily target and limit rules once reached strategy will stop trading for that day. Added full equity chart of unrealised trade profit, realized daily PnL and total PnL.
  • Pro Semi-Automated Trading – All the pro’s now have the new chart trader toolbar which enables the ability to add trades/orders manually while strategy is running and the strategy handles those new orders within the strategy.
  • Pro Algos Risk Module – Position Sizing and risk management.
  • Pro Algo Live updates – Adjust key exit strategy settings on the fly and live without disabling strategy so next order takes the new settings.
  • Bug Fixes

New Online Manuals

Updated the online manuals and references which can be found here.

Simpler Pricing and Packages

The 2 most popular strategies are now bundled together for a simpler experience, both ATR and MA will cater for most markets and scenarios, this is now Bronze package. This is monthly subscription and can be cancelled any time you like.

Secondly we have the Silver package, this contains all the standard strategies + Bronze package for a simple yearly subscription.

Finally the Gold Package contains ALL strategies including the Pro algos, and is a lifetime purchase with no recurring fees. All future updates for life. Simple.

Strategy Packs

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