Update 4.3 – Basic and Pro Packages

New Algo Packages. All-in-one, for the same price, go standard or pro editions.

Hi All,

The algos have now been updated here are some of the additions in 4.3.

  • An-H – Histogram strategies, which includes MACD, Awesome Oscillator and Balance of Power.
  • An-Ma – Moving Average strategy, upto 19 different Moving average types to choose from and use upto 4 moving averages within the strategy.
  • An-NT – The ATR NinjaTrend strategy. Proprietary adaptation of the “SuperTrend” ATR trend-follower strategy.
  • An-RSI – The relative strength index based reversal strategies.
  • An-S – Stochastic based scalping strategy built on the commonly used fast or slow stochastics.

All these strategies have various stoploss, trailing and multiple profit targets. Add Breakeven module, money management and direction filters. All the basics needed, and best for beginners into the autotrading realm.

  • An-H-Pro – Histogram-Pro
  • An-Ma-Pro – Moving Averages Pro
  • An-NT-Pro – NinjaTrend ATR Strategy.

Each of these pro editions have expanded functions and filter modules, such as using VWAP’s, opening range filters, pullbacks and re-entries based on RSI or stochastic strategies and much more.

Updates in 4.3

  1. Firstly allowed runner trades which dont require a TP
  2. Secondly, added chart trader buttons for strategy on the toolbar so chart trader can be minimised but still control the strategy.
  3. Updated some parameter defaults.
  4. Added SuperTrend calculation to NinjaTrend Strategy

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