Update 4.2.1 – VWAP

Strategy update 4.2.1 - Added VWAPS into all strategies.

Strategy Update 4.2.1 – Volume Weighted Average Price Indicator

The built-in NinjaTrader 8 indicator for VWAP has been included in ALL strategies.

Order Flow indicators are only included in the lifetime edition of NinjaTrader, if you have this then you can make the most of it in this update.

VWAP Trade Filter

All the strategies now contain a section for enabling the VWAP as a filter, when trading above or below only go long or short. This is included in MA-Pro, NT-Pro and H-Pro.

VWAP Direction Filter

As well as the filter above and below this can also be used as a slope filter, so when sloping up/down only trade long/short, this is included in MA-Pro, NT-Pro and H-Pro. See demo screenshot below. Only take short trades when below, then swaps eventually to long only trades.

MA-Pro – VWAP Signal Crossover

Within the MA-Pro the VWAP has been added to the list of Moving averages that can be used. Select the VWAP to use as a crossover strategy based on price or another moving average. 

Also as this is a basic crossover strategy, you can setup the standard deviations of the VWAP as profit targets.

Bug Fixes

Corrected the totalling of the daily profit, removed the parameters from the top of the chart to reduce clutter.

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