NinjaTrend Results w/c 07/03/2021

AlgoNinja-NinjaTrend ATR Strategy example results from live trading for week commencing 07/03/2021 on ES.

Hi Guys,

Will be posting progress of various strategies running to showcase different settings and capabilities. This week will be focusing on the most basic of settings harnessing the power of pure ATR. of course you can add daily targets, stops, targets and trailing whatever you wish that you feel more comfortable with.

Great week so far, if only had this running on Russel, NQ and YM ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think there is room for improvement adding session filters to filter out the first few hours of the session while momentum and direction is building but as it stands more than happy with results, a second timeframe would also help stay in the trend, however the swaps are minimal.

Will keep you updated throughout the week on progress.

Works on both NinjaTrend and NinjaTrend-Pro

— Update 13-03-2021 —

So a crazy week in all, and the strategy as it is with no stops or targets produced $5444 week, wednesday was not great (not hiding anything here, these things happen and days can get crazy) but only a $400 loss in the end considering the volatility on wednesday. Friday being options expiration day got a little crazy but the sell off on friday morning was awesome you could of easily been happy with $2000 profit before the US open. Also you can see the average favourable profit is around $500 on each trade, so using this as semi-automated approach and manage each trade, the potential would be insane meeting your trading plan targets without needing to trade 23 hours a day.

So all in all very very promising with BAGS of potential if just use some stoploss to limit the losses and profit targets and daily target limits to just stop trading after $2000 daily target ๐Ÿ™‚


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