AlgoNinja Pro

Concept – Build and design algo’s straight out of the box using pre-built systems ready to be configured and run using a robust ordering framework. Dont need complex time confusing strategy builders, simply choose the trading strategy and configure the modules for stoploss and targets and much more.

The pro version pack consists of all standard versions + pro versions. The pro version consist of many many more options and parameters to take your stragies further with integration of manual entries and overriding strategy on the fly for a more discretionary trading style.

Key Features

All basic strategies have the below key features and modules to configure each strategy to how you like.

Entry Rules

Pre-Built Entry and Exit rules. Mix and match different indicators for entries or trend filters.

Money Management

Set Daily Profit Targets and Limits with equity curve.

Discrectionary Trading

Chart Trader for manual entries and overriding strategy settings

Trade Filters

Overall direction filter, 3 session time filters.

All Standard Strategies

All Strategies, Pro + Standard included


All indicators included to be added to chart.

Backtest & Playback

Fully backtestable in Playback & Strategy Analyzer.

Exit Types

Various exit methods: stoploss, Trailing, breakeven and multiple TP's.

Strategy Catalog in Pro Edition

All basic strategis included in the Pro pack + the following more advanced versions with many more options and parameters.

Relative Strength Index Strategy. Typically a reversal strategy buying oversold and selling overbought conditions.

Fast & Slow Stochastics strategy. Similar to RSI and uses overbought and oversold conditions to place entries.

MACD Strategy, use a variety of signals including the MACD and signal line slope or classic crossover signals.

Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy, simpler than the MACD, buy/sell signals based on the histogram crossover.

ATR aka SuperTrend
Average True Range is a Volatility based strategy to calculate and trade in the direction of the current trend.

Bollinger Bands
In this strategy 3 bands are created based on the selected moving average. Trade when breaks out of the upper or lower bands.

Keltner Channel
Similar to bollinger bands strategy but using the keltner channels to produce entry signals on upper and lower bands.

Reversal and trend following strategy based on the VWAP. Use standard deviations to enter reversal orders or follow the trend when price above/below VWAP.

Pricing Plans

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