The Team

AlgoNinja Automated Strategies for NinjaTrader 8. A bunch of developers and traders alike got together to build own strategies which provide highly configurable all-in-one automated trading strategies for NT8, originally designed to test and run a wide range of strategies. We noticed at the time the lack of cost effective available systems like this. We wish we had these available when first started, to test ideas and run multiple different strategies all from 1 algo. So we unleashed them to the community for those who want to fast track their trading strategies and automate them instead of months/years of coding.


Founder, Developer, Trader


Strategy Developer, Trader


Developer, Trader

Highly Configurable

Countless setups and configurations

Professional Coding

Unmanaged professional Code for speed and flexibility


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Custom Request

Need a tailor made strategy or indicator? Request Quote.

Professional Coding

All strategies created in professional unmanaged ninjascript. The Unmanaged approach offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management. As well as complete control of orderflow to manage acceptions and errors during volatile markets. MANY strategies in the ecosystem do not use unmanaged approach, these can be easily created in the builder and not worth your time and money.

Partial Fills & Overfills

Internally managed orderflow to handle partial and overfills as not to stop strategy unexpectedly

Error Handling

Errors when submit orders to brokers avoided and re-submit to allow smooth operation

Multi-Position Entries

Scale-in scale-out approach on new framework. Multiple positions and multiple profit targets.


Utilizing sharp-dx for graphics massively increases speed of backtests and running of systems.

Strategy Framework and Concept

Lets face it designing, building and testing algorithms is time consuming, let alone programming it all. Paying 3rd party developers is an option, but extremely expensive!! Existing proprietary systems are also expensive and you in general dont know how they work so you have to “trust” them. Others simply sell perfectly optimised algos when in reality will fail when live.

AlgoNinja strategies are not just 1 strategy they each have hundreds of potential strategies, one-size-fits-all approach. Create and build a strategy from the many options to fit exactly trading style and requirement, within the confines of the strategy.

Strategies now support true scale-in and scale-out with each position independently controlled.

Keep it simple. The suite is broken down into individual strategies and concepts. With every strategy or indicator there are a multitude of ways to use it for different market conditions. It’s very easy to over complicate a strategy with too many rules that detract from the very purpose, so we have stripped the strategies to its core for you to configure. Whether that be moving average strategies, stop and reverse strategies or bands.

Any market can be traded with the strategies as long as its compatible with NinjaTrader and your broker. Forex, Futures, Stocks and cryptocurrency, forex. Any chart styles you like is also compatible, such as renko, tick, bar, candle etc etc.. Change the quantity and position size to fit the market.