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Algorithmic Trading Strategies

AlgoNinja Concept – Ninjatrader Automated Trading Strategies. Configure and build any trading system from the AlgoNinja framework choosing from built-in rules and modules on popular tried and tested indicators from around the trading world. All strategies have scale-in scale-out multi position entry & exit capabilities. One-stop-shop for any strategy you can think of.



Configure strategy to best fit your trading style. Test with fully backtestable framework.


Run your strategy Live fully automated. Use chart-trader to manually manage entries for semi-automated trading style.


Learn from our active slack channel of seasoned traders using our algos to formulate and execute smart, reliable, predictable strategies.


All Ninjatrader Automated Trading Strategies and Systems

NinjaTrend Strategy Toolbox for NT8

ATR NinjaTrend Standard Edition

The ATR NinjaTrend automated strategies for NinjaTrader 8 is a simplified ‘Click & Go’ version of the NinjaTrend-Pro for ease of use. This focuses on the pure power of the one ATR trend follower and gets you up and running out the box.

ATR NinjaTrend-Pro Edition

The ATR Ninjatrend Pro is a highly customisable system to create your own unique systems built on the ATR concept. This allows Multi-Time-Frame with multiple ATR’s with various entry methods from different modules to work in harmony with the Trend (such as RSI & ADX entries and filters)  Choose from an array of exits such as multiple profit targets, trailing, breakeven with alot more for a complete all-in-one package to cater for all strategies.

Moving Average Pro
Toolbox for NT8

The Moving Average automated strategy toolbox is a one stop shop for ALL moving average crossover based systems. Upto 4 MA’s can be applied with all common entries and re-entries and exits coded in. All the usual stoploss, multiple profit targets, breakeven and trailing can be added. Daily Targets and session filters along with RSI pullback methods within the trend.

Histogram Strategy Toolbox Pro for NT8

The Histogram Pro is another one-stop-shop toolbox that contains all the most common oscillator/histogram indicators to automate. Includes MACD, Awesome Oscillator and Balance of Power, all elements are exposed and completely customisable to create any moving average divergence strategy which caters to the traded market. As with all strategies all entries and exits and re-entries are coded in just simply select what you wish to use from stops, trailers, breakeven multiple profit targets.

Opening Range Breakout
for NT8

The Opening Range Breakout Strategy is an automated strategy for ninjatrader 8; a classic strategy that takes a trade above or below the a predefined range from the open of the session.

The strategy comes in 2 flavors, a standard strategy that focuses on ease of use and simple setup using ATM’s. A second Pro version that is packed with features, that are all fully backtestable. A one stop shop for all that is Opening Range.

Not only do you get the opening range breakout, also included is an alternative strategy that buys above/below the opening price of the session.

1h Opening Range Breakout. 2 NQ Contracts 2 TP's

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